Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Wednesday Post: Clinique LE Neutral Palette + HAUL

If you recall, Wednesdays' posts are mainly all about alerts on LE products and various discounts.

Last week there's been a discount around, I 'm sure you heard, so although late to give the heads up on that, I thought I should let you know of what I bought on Saturday, hoping that it's still available for you also! A unique neutral eyeshadows palette, that you 've perhaps already seen on Instagram.

I first saw it on a blog a few months ago, but was not yet in Greece and had no information whatsoever on when it would hit the Greek counters. Now a small confession: I have really limited time to browse actual stores, and I may be behind on the time of actual launches. So, I never saw that this beauty did come!

Thanks to Sofia (aka Beauty in Crisis), who posted her palette after being excited for buying it, I knew that it was available in Greece and afterwards, I was on pins and needles on whether I could get my hands on it myself!

Here, I have to admit that my small daughter was recovering from the flu (?) and I wasn't feeling great myself, but since hy hubby was kind enough to babysit, I rushed to Hondos Center, with no make up on (I think I even scared the ladies there, haha!) and it became mine!

The Neutral Territory 2 Palette is part of the 16 Shades of beige LE collection, which is completed with 8 neutral nail polishes, ranging from off white to deep cocoa, that are safe for sensitive skins.

The palette itself ranges also from very light to darker shades, making it perfect for both day and evening looks, while it's pretty compact, so it's the best companion for travelling. The palette is compiled from shades that are available in the standard line of Clinique, so if you miss it.. well, you could find your favorite shades out there, but I suggest you get it now; the price is right!!

Let's see the details and swatches:

It's definitely worth it, as you can see!

I also got a couple of the eye chubby sticks, that had caught my eye when I bought my first one.

Finally, mascaras are always necessary, right?

That was my "Wednesday-When to buy" post, including my LE alert and the rest of my haul.

Liked it?

Let me know!!!


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