Friday, January 24, 2014

Essence - Dark Romance LE

My obsession with limited editions is well depicted on this blogpost as well- thank God, this time it cost me only a fraction of the price it would if it were high end. And the best part: the quality and pigmentation is good, if not better than others!

This is a pic of the collection I'm referring to:
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I don't know if it was a good or a bad thing, but when I reached the display it was somewhat... looted! I did find some good things (the last lipstick there was) but I missed some others, like the golden nailpolish that looked SO good!

Anyway, the following are what I had the chance to take home with me:

The one of the two lipsticks of the collection, #02, Painted Love.
It's a bright red, moisturizing yet longlasting, very pigmented and costed a little under 3 euros. If you've already tried their newest lipsticks, the long lasting ones in the black tubes, I think it's the same formula.

The one velvet mousse blush #02, Red Romance (not the one matching the lipstick shade). I LOVE the colour! I think it's a perfect shade for an edgier flushed cheek and I think the shade will suit perfectly MAC's Rebel lipstick! (will? well, it does, I've already tried it! thumbs up!!!) The pigmentation is insane and it is indeed soooo velvety! Perfect! I wish they released something like this permanently, now that they are changing their range.

The thing I was on the fence about getting or not, was the cream highlighter. Thank God I did, after all! I would definitely regret it afterwards and for the price, well it doesn't get any better! It's a creamy pearly shade, I would say ivory with lilac and pink pearl, leaving a beautiful sheen, a healthy glow to the skin.

Now that I'm writing the post, I realize I didn't take a picture of the nail art kit. It's mini, no more that I would need though, and contains studs in various shapes, colours and sizes, as well as "caviar" beads. I have already used it, you might have seen it if you follow me on Instagram.(if you don't, ehmm, start!)

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I'm very happy with my  Essence buys, I love this brand and hope it will continue releasing such good quality make up. If you can hear me, though, please, pretty please, make sure they reach the counters, here also! Not only Germany...

I'm all ears, now!
What did you get?
Anything good from what I missed?



  1. Μεγειάααααααα!
    Φαίνονται όλα σούπερ!!Ειδικα το ρουζ!! :)
    Μπορεί να τα δω και εγώ από κοντά..και σίγουρα θα αγοράσω τα studs για νύχια!!

    1. Σ' ευχαριστώ! Έχω πάθει πλάκα, αλήθεια! Ο κόσμος θα με κοροϊδεύει ( λέμε τώρα), γιατί πάω απο το σταντ της Estee, σ' αυτό της essence και ... τούμπαλιν! Αν τα δεις, πάρε κάτι, σίγουρα θα σ' αρέσουν! xxx


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