Monday, January 13, 2014

The Pantone color of the year 2014 series || Face Edition

Well, it seems like everybody (and their mother) is talking about the Pantone color of the year, however I could not not do a post about it myself!

Radiant orchid colors and complementary ones for a Pantone-approved face!

Why, you ask me... Well, because I have been breathing purple-hued colors for more than half a year now, while planning my wedding. My wedding colors were lilac and ivory but complemented  by bold touches of purple here and there.

Ever since, I've grown keen of such colors in my make-up too. Here are some suggestions that are either spot on, or complement the "radiant orchid" color of the year according to Pantone.

You'll be sure to find something, regardless of your budget, since there are both high end and drugstore options.

From far left: Seventeen pencil, Essence eyeshadow (top), Glamorous eyeshadow (bottom), radiant lipgloss, MAC Up the amp, Estee Lauder Mirrored orchid, essence lipstick 09, far right: Estee Lauder lacquer Wet Plum

Estee Lauder lipstick - 06 Mirrored Orchid

MAC Up the Amp lipstick

Essence lipstick - 09 Wear Berries

Estee Lauder pure color lacquer - 11 Wet Plum

Radiant lipgloss - 55 Lilac

Glamorous Roll on eyeshadow - 03

Essence stay all day eyeshadow - 08 The magic must go on

Seventeen longstay eye pencil - 37 Magical Purple

I haven' t added any blushes. The truth is I don't own any in such colors just yet. I always wear rosy/ pink tinted cheeks with the above options and it looks great!  

What I forgot to photograph in the main pictures are the mascaras.

AVON Colortrend in Violet Sizzle

Seventeen X-traordinaire

They are not the best out there (especially the Avon one- colorwise it's very nice, but it doesn't do anything to the lashes) but can be used to put accents in your already made-up lashes, or used for a pop of color in the bottom lashes.

So, have you already tried something from my choices or do you plan to?

Any additions necessary perhaps?

Let me know!

Lots of love,


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  1. Yπέροχο χρώμα!!εκανα κι εγώ ποστ!!
    Τελειο το Mac up the amp!!


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