Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Set the mood for Valentine's! Yankee Candles

What 's best to set the mood for a romantic evening, if not candles?

Well, even for a night to yourself, to relax, unwind, clear your head and cocoon in your sofa or soak up in a buble bath!

When talking candles, I'm sure that "Yankee Candles" pops to mind.

There are so many to choose from and they always come up with festive scents, interesting names and beautiful colors!

I have to admit, that as a brand, I blame the Internet/youtube for wanting so badly to get it. But I once I did, I totally got the hype about it. And no winter goes by, without me getting something new.

I've already gone through a medium jar of "Christmas Cupcake" and tarts of "Christmas Cookie", "Christmas Eve" and "Mountain Lodge" since November and I just got some new fresh scents: "Pink Sands" and "Lemon Lavender". Of course, since winter is not through yet, I picked up "Season of Peace" also.

So ladies, get your candles, reach for your burners and candle holders and enjoy the atmosphere created, either by yourself or along with your other half.

And, if you have a specific scent I should absolutely get, please tell me!


P.S Don't forget the giveaway for Estee Lauder goodies and a Golden Rose Lipstick!


  1. I love candles and I have to order some Yankee I guess! Great post doll!! ;)

    1. Thanks hun! Haha, most definitely! Personally I think it's a "safe" choice, since they are pure, or at least purer than let's say IKEA, where you can find nice scents (and pocket friendly), but wouldn't burn them with children at home!

  2. Eντάξει τα αγαπώ. Έχω τόσα πολλά και θέλω ακόμη περισσότερα!


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