Friday, January 10, 2014


Happy New Year, everyone!

May this one be the best by far of all the years we 've lived so far!

Hope it'll be filled with happy moments that we'll be able to acknowledge and then cherish in the years to come!

So keep all the good things 2013 brought you (plus the lessons you've learned at difficult times), take a deep breath, smile and face 2014 with all the determination and passion it deserves!

Remember: if you think you 're always on an uphill road, slow down, take your time, rest if you must, but go on. Because when you reach your destination, the view will be more than worth your while and your strife.

My new year's resolutions are plenty, as always, but my two top ones are:

- Count your blessings
... and make your blessings count!

-Make free time! For loved ones, for blogging, for myself..

Let's see how I'll do!

Which are your resolutions for 2014?

See you soon,


P.S. I didn't intend to write in english, but my only option was either this or greeklish and I'm so not fond of the latter!! Hopefully my technical issues will soon be resolved and I 'll go back to my normal, as you know me, greek..

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