Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crash test: Eyebrow pencils

Let's face it: Brows ARE the frames of our eyes. So, they either make or break our whole look.

The shape, the color, the density of our brows can turn us from a fairy princess to a villain, just like that.

Of course, opinions differ on how "perfect" our brows should be, when made-up. Others claim they should look like sisters, others they should look like twins.

It's a matter of personal taste, really. There are plenty of videos and posts on how to pluck/groom your eyebrows, so you can go ahead and just google them up if that is what you need. Because what we will do, is put some easy-to-perfect-your-brow-pencils to the test.

Shall we?

I'm showcasing 4 pencils today. The 3 of them are brow pencils the other one is a normal eye pencil that I have also used to style my brows.

#1: Essence Kalinka (LE)- Babushka me eyebrow styler
 Pros: Great color, all-in-one pencil with a brush and wax tip, cheap, long lasting
 Cons: Limited edition, regular to small size pencil (since there's the wax end)

#2: MAC- Lingering
Pros: Propelling packaging-needs no sharpening, great color/pigmentation, user friendly, long lasting
Cons:  Finishes quickly, on the pricier side

#3: Radiant Professional Powdery Brow Definer 04 Chocolate
Pros: Huuuge, great pigmentation, brush included, reasonable price
Cons: Color runs darker, and warmer toned, too pigmented (?)

#4: Dorothy L Waterproof eyeliner 062
Pros: Nice color/pigmentation
Cons: Not so long lasting

#1: essence : brown, leans olive
#2: MAC : brown taupe-y
#3: Radiant: dark brown
#4: Dorothy L : taupe gray

It's not easy to grade them, so I'll just admit that from the above pros&cons, and mainly on how they show/last on me, I prefer the Essence one the best! 

Correction: I like the Lingering the best, but Essence comes first because I get the same result with the 1/5 of the price!

What do you think?
Tried the above already?
What's your holy grail eyebrow pencil?



  1. Radiant looks like my color!Going to check on that hun!I love brow products!

    1. Hope you like it! I just updated it, it's in 04 Chocolate. It's really good- I love this brand! :)

  2. Πολυ ωραια αναρτηση ^^ Της essence φαινεται πολυ καλο (μα που αλλου θα επεφτε το ματι μου :P)!

    1. Ψαξε το, ψαξε το! Αξίζει, κι οχι μονο επειδη ειναι οικονομικο! Σχεδον ριχνει κατω το MAC!

  3. δεν μπορώ να βγω έξω χωρίς να έχω βάψει τα φρύδια μου... τόσο μα τόσο χρήσιμο ποστ! ευχαριστούμε πολυ!

  4. Το τελευταιο 6μηνο εχω παθει κανονικη εμμονη! :)


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