Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is all around! Is it?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wether you're single or taken, madly in love, or just plain settled, today is the day to do something.

Do something you love.

Do something with the person/people you love.

SHOW your love.

If you're single, but have a crush, do not hesitate. Now is the time. Not later.  Not because it's Valentine's. Because it's your life. And you should live it as you dream it. Start realising your dreams. Today.

If there is already somebody special in your life, make him feel special. And demand that you are being treated as someone special, too.

It doesn't mean you should buy something, nor expect to receive something. Material, I mean. Just go back to your first date awkwardness and racing heartbeat. Try. It works.

Basically, make the best of this day!

Either with lots of ice cream and a romantic movie at home by yourself or along with other single friends, or with romance and affectionshared with your loved one


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