Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Essence Kalinka LE *** When_to_buy_Day Post

Another limited edition of Essence, or a Trend Edition, as they call it, is out now. 

I was really looking forward to the "Love Letters" collection, which is full of pastels, but this will unfortunately not be released in Greece. However, the "Kalinka" has a few things worth getting.

The collection consists of:

3 Mono Eyeshadows


2 Eyebrow styler

3 Nail polishes

2 Duo lip cream

Lip Brush

Powder Blush

2 Hair Mascaras

and a stunning purse in the style of traditional matryoshki dolls!

My choice was the beautiful blush and the darker eyebrow styler.

I'd love to get the eyeshadow in "02-Babushka me" and the nailpolish in "03-From Russia with love" (I've seen swatches online and they look good!). So hopefully I'll find them next time.

Let's take a closer look on what I got:

The blush "01-East side story", which is a beautiful apricot color with a slight sheen to it. It's very pigmented, but a bit powdery. It doesn't have the longest lasting power (it is still good, don't get me wrong!), but still it's worth every penny it costed.
The eyebrow styler is a winner, for sure, and totally worth its money. It is double ended, one side is clear, waxy and the other has the color and there's a handy brush on the cap. I already love it and have worn it many times, leaving my MAC Lingering at rest. What I love the most is that unlike the other color it does not appear warm, red. If you are a redhead, go and get that!!!

So, ladies, will you get something?

Tell me!


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