Monday, February 10, 2014

New Blogposts Introduction!

Introducing the Day_ly Posts!

Yes, pearlettes from now on you'll come accross posts according to the name of each day.


Monday=Mom-Day=Posts featuring mommy/baby care products, parenting tips and ideas

Tuesday= Totally-Used-Day= A product that I've used up and my opinion about it

Wednesday= When-to-(buy-)Day= Product Alerts, especially concerning LE stuff, or special discounts

Thursday=First (attempt) Day= A post concerning a first attempt in something e.g. nail art, replicating a make-up look, etc

Friday= Try-Day= Hauls and Firsts Impressions of Products

Saturday= Matter Day= A post addressing various themes challenging our lives; from frenemies (enemies disguised as friends) to fad diets

Sunday= Fun-Day= My post-wildcard-day. It can be about recipies, fashion, tutorials! You (can also) name it!

This doesn't mean that I'll be uploading posts every single day, but you will have an idea when you see a post titled "The Wednesday post" or something like that, I'm not sure how it'll go yet.

Do you have any special ideas/requests?


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