Friday, February 7, 2014

The Day After Makeup *His Place*

So, the Big Day (ehmm...night) has come.

You 've finally got intimate AND spent the night together. That means he'll get to see you with a bare face. Wait- WHAT?!


Let's take it one step at a time.

You're at his place. Crap.A stitch in time saves nine. I take it you're a clever girl and thought ahead. Beginning with you taking a medium sized bag and not a mini not-even-my-keys-fit-in-it-clutch on your date.

What it is you need:

  1. Demakeup wipes. You will definitely need them to take your make-up off or to salvage some of your makeup and get rid of panda eyes, if you slept with your full make-up on (you bad girl, you!!). Try to find mini sized ones or singles.
  2. A light concealer/illuminator. You don't want a foundation, nor a powder (If you MUST use one, take a sample, that you know suits you, with you). The point is to accomplish a fresh face, and hide your major imperfections. Your guy is no stupid to tell if you wear makeup or not. And he wouldn't like to wake up hugging a (fake) doll!
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  3. A clear brow & lash gel. You just need to define your brows and your lashes, not colour them. Remember, your goal is a VERY natural look (I added a sample mascara in the photo instead).
  4. A cream blush that can double as a lipstick, or the other way round; whatever fits best in your purse (my pick was the Clinique Chubby Stick in Mighty Mimosa).
  5. A nude soft eye pencil. Put it on your waterline and use a bit in your inner eye corner and blend it well! It shouldn't be obvious; it just needs to lighten up your look! (Erre Due Lasting Contour Eye 22)
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Something extra, but perhaps a bit more necessary than make-up. Buy and have with you one of those disposable, foldable toothbrushes and hairbrushes.

There you have it! A natural beauty that he'll be delighted to wake up next to!

What do you think?Would it be your salvation to have the above "kit"?


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